Mega Order

Phoned rally design, they don’t stock the Raceleda hubs any more, but do still stock their own group 4 ones which fit a standard stub with standard bearings. I decided to go for these, they are cheaper than the Raceleda ones, but noticeably heavier looking.

Speed-on stock an M10-1/8NPTF adapter for a few Euros so I’ll give that a try assuming I can actually buy one from them, if not I’ll lop the end off and fit one to the hose at a later date.

I ordered the rest of the braking system

  • Escort RS Donor – Powerlite – 265mm Solid Kit (BK1R) Style of disc Grooved
  • Sierra (Drum) Powerlite HB Caliper – 240mm Solid Kit (BK65)
  • Powerlite Handbrake Caliper – CABLE (RD6902)
  • Powerlite 4-Pot Fast Road Ceramic (Poly-Q) (15Q-8812K)

Some bits I need for the steering

  • Escort MK2 2.9 Ratio Steering Rack RHD (RD870)
  • ALLOY RACK CLAMPS Escort MK1 & MK2 (RD848)
  • 2 Group 4 Ally Hub – STD/STD (RD199)
  • 16 Standard plus 25mm 63mm long 12mm 1.5 Ford (SS37)
  • 16 Wheels Nuts – 12mm 1.5 19mm (3/4″) HEX 60º (SN41)

And the rest of the fuel system

  • 8mm – 5/16 ID HOSE (LMA367)
  • Copper Nickel Brake Pipe 1/4 – 25 Foot Coil (CNF014)

After getting expensive quotes from I relented and bought a diff from ebay. I also need to get some track rod ends, probably from ebay too.

Just waiting on Chris confirming the costs for the tank, powder coating and uprights, and of course a delivery date.

The next logical thing to get will be the Shock absorbers, Nitrons are going to be expensive though sadly, I will then find myself some build wheels and I’ll have a car that can roll, stop, turn and spray fuel into the engine bay.

After that its the reverse box and drive train.

Order Progress

Spoke to Chris today, Arranged for everything including the floor to be powder coated tangerine. Discussed a number of points of confusion for me, the brake flexible hoses will be m10x1 male on the end, so I need to convert them to 1/8th NPTF somehow. I might just whip the ends off and stick an NTPF fittings, or at least M10 Female. Ordered a 6 Gallon tank, a bit small perhaps, but will do nicely for now, complete with baffles, a sump, and return pipe. We’re still not sure on the uprights, in theory standard Escort ones should be fine, but I was planning on putting Alloy hubs on, so I need to check that they fit the smaller stubs. I shall place an order at Rally Design sometime later today.

On the list of things to do is:

  • Check the price for the fuel tank
  • Confirm the colour code that the whole kit and kaboodle will be powder coated
  • Check with Rally Design that the hubs will fit

Chris recons the order will be ready mid to late November, which is more or less Ideal as I’ll be back from Supercomputing and the US no later than the 8th of December.

The Speed-On Minute

The seven has been at Speed-on now since the 26th of August, that’s quite a long time, in fact that’s almost two months. You would think that in that time I’d be having a new build, but no, here is the list of things to do:

  • Weld on a nut to the manifold so that I can plug in the LC1
  • Align the wheels
  • Balance and tune the Webers
  • Import into the Netherlands.

The wheel alignment has been done, but still waiting on everything else. Not amused. Thankfully the weather is so pants I can’t drive it anyway.

Yet More Ordering

Bought a bunch of stuff for the build:

  • Sytec Universal Fuel Filter and Bracket 9.99 ebay
  • 2 Freelander diff/driveshaft oil seals 10.58 Ebay
  • Walbro Injection Pump 50.00 Ebay
  • Oil Drain pan to replace the one i dropped the car on 13.99 Ebay
  • 2 Sierra Wheel bearings 19.98 Ebay
  • Steering Column Bush 2.95 Ebay
  • Sierra Driveshafts, Hub Assemblies, Handbrake, Column and Link, spare column 219.95 – Ebay

Didn’t manage to lay my hands on a diff, standard ones keep going for silly money, nor did i get a reverse box which was a shame too.

More Ordering

Ordered some wheel bearings from Ebay – Very impressed with the Quinton Hazell web site, not only can you still download the good old fashioned catalogs and browse through an amazing about of detail on every single component ever made, but they have a new application called Q-PID which enables some seriously handy searching. That in itself could have been done of course using the web, but for some reason they chose to make it an application, now that’s were normally I’d go back to catalogs. Today however i noticed it ran on Adobe AIR, which I’ve never used before, but I gave it a go. Not only does it work on my Mac-book, its well designed, fast and makes life unbelievably simple. Using it I could find out what parts would fit, what the competitors part numbers were, and then pump that into Ebay to find the bits I needed. Clever stuff.

I also managed to find some well priced Freelander diffs. One of them even has a Quaife LSD, hopefully i’ll get a bargain on that, if not i’ll stick with an open diff.

Things to do before the car arrives

A big todo list of stuff….

  • Sort out new garage, I’ve rented one starting 1st December, have plenty of space in my own one for the bits if needed, but would like to have everything ready for the car arriving. Before I can use the garage I need:
    • to get the floor painted, I plan on using good quality epoxy, my current garage is so dusty I hate working in it as I come home covered in concrete dust and it gets everywhere.
    • Some shelves and a workbench. My garage is tall and relatively wide so I plan on putting a mezzanine in, and some tall industrial shelving. At the rear will be a workbench, toolboxes and pillar drill.
    • Sort out lighting, air hoses, and power feeds so that i can actually get some work done.
    • Install the car lift if I have one by then.
  • Order the bits I need for the first part of the build, this will leave me with the rear of the car almost at rolling chassis stage. To do this I need:
    • Fuel tank and fuel system
    • Braking system
    • Differential
  • Confirm the colour choice with Chris at BGH
  • Check what ends the flexi hoses are coming with, and make sure the brake lines are Copper/Nickel.
  • Find a fuel tank supplier who can make an alloy fuel tank with a swirl pot and the right connectors.