Some progress

Not an enormous amount of progress due to preparing the seven for the trip, but I did get some more simple items installed. It is installed as per MSA regulations with two larger nozzles in the engine bay, and two in the cockpit.


The fire extinguisher is mounted behind the front wheel on the sidepod. I have installed a nozzle pointing at the fuel system, it sprays in 4 directions, and should give good coverage of the injectors, fuel lines, and air box.


The other engine bay nozzle is pointing down the exhaust, it should spray the headers as well as down into the side pod. These are two places I think are most likely for a fire to break out.


The interior nozzles are bi-directional and are mounted underneath the line of the dashboard, one pointing towards the driver/passenger ish, the other pointing straight across the car to spray the electrical system.

Seven Preperation

Basically its damage limitation, I need to try to check there is nothing ready to fail, and decide what spares to carry. Its going to be very hot, with lots of poor quality roads and brisk driving. This is going to place additional strain on the cooling system, and suspension.

First I dropped the suspension and looked for cracks, bends, or anything that was likely to fail en-route. I’ve had suspension units snap on this car, so I took all shocks off, cleaned them up and looked for cracks, thankfully I didn’t find any.

The cooling system was flushed and refilled with water and water wetter. I then went around the car, tightening up anything, and using thread lock on anything that I felt was likely to come off. The exhaust was loose, it was twisting and slowly moving backwards, it needed to be tightened up, so i removed the ring that holds it together, thread locked it, marked it and reassembled so I can see if it is moving again.


I have limited space for spares, therefore it makes sense to take things that I can fix myself, and that I can’t get readily on the move. I took a full gasket kit, as a head gasket failure is a likely possibility, various sealants and instant gaskets, thread lock, a selection of bolts, hose clips, hoses in the two sizes I use on the car, zip ties and velcro hoop and loop, spare fuses, heat shrink, wire, cable joiners and spade connectors, both male and female.


I packed them into zip lock bags and put them in the car. I’m taking one spare Jerry can, which at 20 liters, doubles my range. For tools I have one spanner of every size used on the car, an additional 13, and 10mm spanner as these are the most common size used and often require two spanners, where this is the case for other sizes I will use the gripping pliers I have. I have two flat and two phillips screwdrivers (big and little.) a small hammer, pliers, wire strippers, circuit tester, lighter and a pen.