LC-1 Permenant Install

I decided to install my innovate LC-1 permanently in the car, whilst this wont give me offline data-logging, it will save some effort when I go for a data-logging run.  In the future, I will be running megasquirt, and will use the LC-1 to provide and AFR readout.

I got my LC-1 from an innovate reseller called Telematica last year, their price was good, and it arrived almost immediately (They are based in greece, and it arrived in 2 days.)  So I ordered a digital gauge, the XD-16, which I will mount in the dash.  The reason being that whilst offline logging is nice with the laptop, it can be a real pain trying to work out what you were doing at any given time, as correlating RPM, Load, and AFR requires some data mangling.  I’m hoping i’ll get a good visual indication of what’s going on with this as I drive.

I used to keep it all in a little plastic box with a serial connector on one end, a 12v adaptor on the other, and long wire going out to the Lambda Sensor, I just removed it all and right now, it looks a bit like this:

I shall mount the LC-1 onto the bulkhead with the rest of the electronics, and the gauge I shall wire into the dash with a connector for the Serial cable so that things can still be disconnected. The sensor cable has a nice plastic bit which can go into a grommet, if its long enough, I’d like to get it into the scuttle, or engine bay rather than the passengers foot well as its likely to get broken if its there.

One thought on “LC-1 Permenant Install

  1. Hi David ,
    I came across your site while searching the net looking for solutions to my MS II build.
    You may just have answers to the issues I’m experiencing at the moment, so I hope you don’t mind me asking you a couple of questions.
    I’m using MSII v2.89 and from what I can tell of the images on your site, it seem s to eb similar to what you are using??
    I also have Independent Throttle Bodies and I have an IAC value to idle control.
    So far SD gives me a drivable car, but the tune is far from where it should be so I’ve been thinking of either Blended SD/AN or straight AN.
    I searched the MS forums and read the manuals but I can’t find anything that really describes how Blending works, especially with V2.89, so I tried experimenting with different settings but no good.
    I looked at what you did and I’d like to give it a go, but the thing that’s confusing me is with my version there is another table (apart from VE) called Alpha N Map table.. This is a 6×6 which you don’t refer to on your site.
    What did you do with the Alpha-N table?
    Do you have a map file I can get to help me out ?
    Are you running 2.89?
    thanks in advance

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