Bonnet pins and rollbar

Bonded in the bonnet pin mounts to the side pods, but i think it will need to be bolted, I’ll bolt them in at a later stage when i have a good reason to faff with the side pods.

Put a final coat of black on the roll bar, and bolted it in only to find out I’d ran out of m10 nylocs, managed to find one, which is enough to hold it in place, with the other bolts just screwed into nothing. Will pick some up on Monday and finish the job.

This didn’t stop me from adjusting the harnesses and fitting them, with the adjusters in the right place they are a lot more comfortable and of coarse, a better fit, whilst very comfortable the seats are tight to the bone, to the point i can actually feel the seat belt through my jeans. Must lay off the pies.

I spent the rest of the evening tidying up the garage as i hadn’t really put anything away since before I left for Spain. The seven needs some post-trip-love, or at least a wash, so i might try to get started with that tomorrow. Its dripping oil on the floor so I’ll put of washing the floor (which is now a little slippy) for a bit longer, or until i slip and crack my head properly.

Next up in the fury is to finish of the electrical parts. Until I can get a circuit board manufactured for an affordable price, I’ll use a normal toggle switch for the indicators. The hazards need to work with the ignition off, which presents a problem, with the ignition off, and key removed, i can turn on the hazards, this is run from a permanent live feed. However, the indicators, work from the ignition feed. If i have the hazards on, and turn on the indicators then the ignition circuit is live too as power can flow back up the feed from the ignition circuit. I’ll put a NC relay in there to cut the power for now. I also need to find myself an on-on-on dual throw toggle switch for the wipers, for now I’ll just leave the wires ready to attach.

If all goes well with the wiring I’ll have a go at fitting the wipers.

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