Collecting the Fury

The car is finally ready, in fact, its been ready now for about a month, but due to other commitments, I’ve been unable to collect it from Andy.  I’m now back from Guatemala, the first week at my new job is complete, and if my past car related logistical experiences are anything to go by, this weekend is going to be hard work.

The car is registered, taxed, insured, and otherwise ready to drive, except for the engine, which whilst running, hasn’t been setup yet.  I’ve only driven the car about 250 meters, but i’m fairly confident that as long as the engine doesn’t explode on the dyno, that I crash and burn due to driving with slicks in the middle of winter, and if nobody forgets my booking, that i’ll be home on monday night.

The plan is as follows, fly to Birmingha,, pick up a car transporter, drive to Suffolk, pick up the car, drive to northhampon with the car on the boot, and get it dyno’d, then drive back to Birmingham to return the truck, before driving to Harwich to catch the ferry. A bit optimistic? Perhaps, but its that or wait another 3 weeks…

The fully flat floor makes it hard to strap the car down properly, using the rollbar puts additional downforce on the rollers, increasing drag, and compressing the suspension.  As the tyre speed increases the tyres stretch, and this can cause them to rub

As it turned out, everything went according to plan, I collected the transporter, picked up the car, and arrived at Northampton Motorsport more or less on time. The car was strapped down and mapped.

Power run shows just under 180bhp at 12,500rpm

Peak power was 179.5 still with a few more rpm to go, so I’ll round that up to a nice clean 180.  After bolting on the side pod, and dropping the transporter off I had the best drive ever back to Harwich.  This car has completely redefined my definition of fast, and whilst with the ambient temperature a crisp -3, I wasn’t exactly testing the performance, it absolutely blew me away just how capable it is.  I arrived in Harwich just in time to roll onto the ferry, and slept like a log overnight.

Power run shows just under 180bhp at 12,500rpm