Arduino LIS331 Library

The LIS331HH is an ultra low-power full-scale three axis MEMS linear accelerometer.  The device also features ultra low-power operational modes that allow advanced power saving and smart sleep to wake-up functions.  I wrote a library for Arduino that provides an object oriented interface to these devices using the I2C bus.

The project is hosted on GitHub here and is licensed under the GPL.


You can download the ZIP file to import into the IDE here, or you can fork your own.


Be sure to include the LIS331 and Wire libraries in your project first.

setPowerStatus(int status);

Set the power saving status of the device, options are: LR_POWER_OFF, LR_POWER_NORM, LR_POWER_LOW1, LR_POWER_LOW2,LR_POWER_LOW3

setXEnable(bool enable)

Enable or disable X axis

setYEnable(bool enable)

Enable or disable Y axis

setZEnable(bool enable)

Enable or disable Z axis

string lis.getXValue(int16_t &value);

Reads the X value and assigns it to value.

string lis.getYValue(int16_t &value);

Reads the Y value and assigns it to value.

string lis.getZValue(int16_t &value);

Reads the Z value and assigns it to value.


You can download an example project here.

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