Little Jobs

Its been a whilst since I posted, lots of non-car related things going have kept me from posting progress. The car is nearing completion now, my current todo list is:


  • Paint metalwork at front of car
  • Fix the oil leaks
  • Fit the additional return spring on the throttle
  • Check the exhaust fittings for leaks
  • Check the state of the exhaust wadding
  • Make a new boot
  • Make a floor for the boot of the car
  • Check if the fuel tank is actually leaking or if its just overspill from where i was careless.
  • Set the Timing
  • Adjust the tappets
  • Remove the foam from the underneath of the bonnet
  • Remove the old fuel filler, fill the hole and paint it
  • Rewire the tachometer to work with megasquirt
  • Paint the aerocatches black


  • Fit the trim to the windscreen
  • Fit the flat shifter kit
  • Fit the battery holder
  • Make a bracket and fit the speed sensor
  • Fit the indicator side repeaters
  • Fit and wire in the IR beacon for the data-logger
  • Fit the warning LED for the immobilizer
  • Sort out the heater ducting
  • Adjust the headlamps and fit the cowling
  • Connect up the earth for headlamps


  • Change the oil
  • Change the cambelt
  • Flush the cooling system



  • Fit and reinforce engine mounts to ensure they wont fail in the same way again.
  • Fix or replace sump, either shorten the existing one or just stick a non-battered one on, whichever is easiest. Potentially make a sump guard.
  • Change crank shaft end seal for one that doesn’t let oil pour out – some people find a bit of oil acceptable but I find it embarrassing so it needs to be sorted out.
  • Since the engine will be out I want to change the cam, I’m relatively happy with the piper 285 cam, it has lots of torque from low RPM, and reasonable high end power so changing it is a bit of a gamble. I’ve decided on the kent 244 cam, its a high lift cam, and should give improved top end power, with a loss of low end torque. To compensate I’m going to be running fuel injection, which should enable better fueling at low RPM and pull the torque up a little.
  • Remove cylinder head, de-coke, and examine engine for wear- I’m interested to see the state of the valve seats after 7000 miles using additive, its also a good time to change the head gasket, its got pretty hot a couple of times, and I’d like to ensure there are no failures in the gasket.
  • Fit the Mega squirt (Microsquirt) for full fuel injection.
  • Buy and Fit a larger fuel tank – 20 liters just isn’t going to cut it, I feel I’m constantly refueling.
  • Fit larger fuel lines with a return to the tank, for fuel injection I will need a fuel return, standard sizes seem to be based around 10mm for fuel feed, rather than 8.
  • Fit the in line fuel filter and buy and fit injection pump
  • Fit the throttle bodies from the GSXR 750
  • Permanently install the wide-band LC-1
  • Remove the scratches from the bonnet, remove the nuts and bond it into one single piece rather than the Sort out the bodywork, fill up the hole where the aerocatch doesn’t fit due to the intake system and make it orange again.
  • Make a new boot box, i’ll need this because the fuel tank will be a different shape, and wont fit within the current one, it is also starting to rot a little and needs to be made out of something non-wooden.
  • Fit a new drivers side mirror as the current one is beyond service.
  • Paint the interior where the paint has worn and touch up the rest of the car as appropriate.
  • Make and fit ally floor covers
  • Accessory wiring needs to be rewired, with heavier wire, and a smaller, dedicated fuse.
  • Decide on a data logging solution that is compatible with the mega squirt
  • APK is due in December.
  • Fit alcantara cloth I got for the interior
  • Finish dashboard buck and make dash
  • Wire engine completely
  • Fit passenger seat and seat belt
  • Paint and refit roll over bar
  • Make car bottom from ali and fit
  • Fit the prop shafts with grade 12 bolts
  • Fit steering wheel and boss
  • Figure out the dash layout, and the logic design for the indicators on the steering wheel.
  • Figure out the appropriate adaptors needed for the oil pressure/temp senders
  • Decide on the dat logger I want to use
  • Get the rear lights and wire the rest of the car
  • Fit car ramp, wire in new motor or inverter as required
  • Enlarge mezzanine as appropriate.
  • Do a full clear out post-sanding.

Garage Preparation

I painted the rest of the floor with the epoxy paint, in the process i moved the workbenches out of the rear corner, and am considering leaving them more in the middle as this might give me better workspace where i need it. It also means i don’t need to walk passed the fury every time i need a spanner for the seven.