Bleeding Brakes

Now I have all the suspension bits, I decided to bleed the brakes, didn’t make a very good job of it for three reasons, the first was that the bleed screws didn’t appear to let fluid out of the hole at the top where the hose goes onto, but rather around the threads which makes a total mess. It turns out I was doing it wrong and I was unscrewing not the bleed screw, but the thing the bleed screw screws into, so I will try again and do it properly.

Secondly, I use an eezibleed because I’m impatient and I don’t like messing around with people pumping pedals and chanting traditional chants whilst facing east. However, the kit doesn’t have a fitting for the Girling reservoirs i have, so i took a spare lid, cut a hole in it, and fitted it with the adapter, i tested the pressure with the airline and it all looked good, screwed it in and connected it to the air line (Still at 15psi.) shortly afterwards, I was drenched by a torrent of dot 4 fluid as I’d forgot to put the rubber seal back in the lid before I screwed it on.

Lastly after much faffing around, I couldn’t get the air out, and so started cleaning up fluid, it made a right mess, but the reality was it was probably less than half a pint of fluid. Just as I finished tidying up I realized that the calipers had two bleed nipples per side (4 in total) I’d left the wheels on, and forgot there are inner and outer nipples at both top and bottom. What a plonker I felt.

Brake Bias Adjuster

Fitted this to the bias bar, I’m not sure where I’ll mount the knob yet, and perhaps I’ll leave it tucked away until after IVA, although if possible I’d prefer to ‘lock’ the adjuster knob, rather than drill through the bias bar itself.

I need a grommet to go between the panel and the cable, I don’t have any that size so will do this at a later date.

‘Ring Trip

Went to the Nurburgring yesterday, got up at 8 am, jumped into the car got about 1/2 a mile and realized the engine was up to temperature already, this is surprising because it was -5 outside and it normally takes quite a long time. Delighted at the prospect of getting some warm air into the cabin, I turned on the heater and was belted with ice cold air. Something strange was going on, at first I foolishly thought it was the heater that had a problem. When the steam started escaping I quickly realized the problem. Apparently my antifreeze had frozen, and the system was blocked, watching the temperature gauge go from normal to really really hot to almost freezing again confirmed my suspicion.
Ten minutes by the side of the A12 and everything looked under control, and I topped up the fluid and went on my way, eye glued to the water temperature for the rest of the journey. I arrived at the entrance to the nordschleife around 11 bought some tickets, and had a pee before setting off.

The track was cold, and there was frost in quite a few places outside the racing line. The good news though was that the track was almost empty meaning I had it pretty much to myself. This gave me time to work more on my line and concentrate on getting the gear changes correct, lining up for the bend and turning in at the right point.

The first few laps I was predominantly in 3rd gear dropping to second up the hill after the Breidscheid entrance, then as I got a little better and a little more confident predominantly 4th dropping into 3rd for the uphill, and towards the end I was hitting 5th and the speed restricter in the faster sections.

I found myself turning in way too early for adenauer forst, and nearly failed to turn left a couple of times, I still don’t really know the track at all in relative terms. I also struggled a bit with the right hander somewhere else, I’ve no idea what the bend name is.

I was amazed how much of my undercarriage the karussell removed from my car, there was an obscene amount of scraping and grinding before being spat out at the end, but one of my favorite bends of the circuit, I was entering round about 45, and exiting around 50, I got the impression the car could go a bit faster if I kept the speed up on entry. The MX5 doesn’t have the power to really increase speed that quickly.

Overall a great trip, the ice was a bit sketchy, but worth it to have the track to myself. The EBC greenstuff pads seem to do a pretty good job, but there is less feedback from the pedal than I would like, and not a lot of bite, so perhaps its time to change them.

Order Progress

Spoke to Chris today, Arranged for everything including the floor to be powder coated tangerine. Discussed a number of points of confusion for me, the brake flexible hoses will be m10x1 male on the end, so I need to convert them to 1/8th NPTF somehow. I might just whip the ends off and stick an NTPF fittings, or at least M10 Female. Ordered a 6 Gallon tank, a bit small perhaps, but will do nicely for now, complete with baffles, a sump, and return pipe. We’re still not sure on the uprights, in theory standard Escort ones should be fine, but I was planning on putting Alloy hubs on, so I need to check that they fit the smaller stubs. I shall place an order at Rally Design sometime later today.

On the list of things to do is:

  • Check the price for the fuel tank
  • Confirm the colour code that the whole kit and kaboodle will be powder coated
  • Check with Rally Design that the hubs will fit

Chris recons the order will be ready mid to late November, which is more or less Ideal as I’ll be back from Supercomputing and the US no later than the 8th of December.