LC-1 Permenant Installation

As part of the upgrade to fuel injection, I am installing the LC-1 permanently. Right now I have installed it in a plastic box with the gauge and a 12v lead so i can plug it into the auxiliary power feed when I need to monitor Air/Fuel ratio. This has worked well as there is nothing you can do to the carbs when you are driving other than observe the readings in order to make changes later.

Megasquirt however, is capable of real time mixture adjustment using the EGO code and a wide band O2 sensor. This combination allows megasquirt to adjust the AFR (Within preset limits) towards a lambda target. I want to make full use of this as it should make tuning easier as well as providing better running.

The first part is to install the LC-1 Permanently, to do this I need to mount the unit itself behind the scuttle. I’ve made a bracket form a bend strip of aluminum which is screwed onto the bulkhead. The tails for the communications bus are cable tied out of the way, and the main lead is fed towards where the megasquirt unit shall go.

Lc1 mounted in a aluminium bracket on the bulkhead

In order to link the LC-1 and the wideband o2 sensor. I’ve made a hole about 3cm in diameter through the side panel just underneath and slightly in front of the bottom of the dashboard. This allows the 22mm diameter nut, and the body of the sensor to pass through (These are smaller than the connector at the other end.) In order to seal it all up I’ve used a large grommit, the whole of which was too big for the cable, so I used some corrugated cable wrap to finish it off. The cable is then cable tied in place up to the LC-1 so that it should not get snagged.

Mounted the sensor in the exhaust with the tail going into the foot well.

I have left the gauge in the box with the power supply. This will enable me to get a visual indication of AFR when driving as needed as well as the option to recalibrate the sensor if I need to without a laptop. For everything else the 2.5mm jack is easily accessible with the dash on to connect up to the laptop.

LC-1 Permenant Install

I decided to install my innovate LC-1 permanently in the car, whilst this wont give me offline data-logging, it will save some effort when I go for a data-logging run.  In the future, I will be running megasquirt, and will use the LC-1 to provide and AFR readout.

I got my LC-1 from an innovate reseller called Telematica last year, their price was good, and it arrived almost immediately (They are based in greece, and it arrived in 2 days.)  So I ordered a digital gauge, the XD-16, which I will mount in the dash.  The reason being that whilst offline logging is nice with the laptop, it can be a real pain trying to work out what you were doing at any given time, as correlating RPM, Load, and AFR requires some data mangling.  I’m hoping i’ll get a good visual indication of what’s going on with this as I drive.

I used to keep it all in a little plastic box with a serial connector on one end, a 12v adaptor on the other, and long wire going out to the Lambda Sensor, I just removed it all and right now, it looks a bit like this:

I shall mount the LC-1 onto the bulkhead with the rest of the electronics, and the gauge I shall wire into the dash with a connector for the Serial cable so that things can still be disconnected. The sensor cable has a nice plastic bit which can go into a grommet, if its long enough, I’d like to get it into the scuttle, or engine bay rather than the passengers foot well as its likely to get broken if its there.