Me at the Nurburgring, March 2011

The Fury for me represents the ideal compromise between an all out race car, and a car you can still get in and nip out for a pint of milk. In 2010, I found myself with the time and desire to build another car. I use the seven a lot, but i tended to use it when the weather was perfect, and I had lots of time. I wanted a car that I could just get in and go, this meant the need for a windscreen, and a hood, and possibly even a heater. On the other side of the equation was the need for a car that was light and agile. This meant not compromising on weight, and endlessly looking for the lightest, most minimal solution.

The end result is a car that I used all year round, in the rain, in the sun, and in the snow. The car has a heater, (although I’m likely to remove it as its warm enough as it is.) a windscreen, but weighs under 500kg, and has 360BHP/Ton.


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The specs


  • Lowered floor on drivers side
  • Extended pedal box


  • 2007 Yamaha R1
  • Pipercross induction system
  • Baffled sump
  • Dynojet power commander piggyback ECU
  • Flatshifter Max full throttle paddle shift system


  • Quaife Reversing box
  • Landrover Freelander Differential
  • Custom made prop and drive shafts with TRT cushion drive and prop catcher


  • Wilwood dynalite calipers with polymax E compound all round
  • Drilled/Grooved sierra disks up front
  • Standard sierra disks on rear

Interior and Safety

  • ETB Digidash Pro datalogger and display system
  • F-GTEC Plumbed in fire extinguisher to FIA spec
  • Tillet Carbon Fibre Seats
  • Scroth 6 point harnesses
  • Side impact protection and braced roll over bar.

Steering and Suspension

  • Quaife 2.2 turns quick rack
  • Modified Escort RS2000 front end
  • Nitron NTR Shocks and springs
  • Sierra steering column
  • MOMO 280mm Steering wheel.

Wheels and Tyres

  • Yokohama A048 205/60 R13 Rear
  • Yokohama A048 285/60 R13 Front
  • Compomotive CXR 7″ Rear wheels
  • Compomotive CXR 6″ Front wheels

Fury at the Nurburgring

Fury at the Nurburgring

Fury at the Nurburgring