Openlava Web is a web interface to the Openlava scheduling system. Openlava Web provides both HTML and a RESTful API allowing users to view information on jobs, queues, hosts, and other components of the scheduling environment.

Openlava Web is written in Python and uses Django as the web framework and is licensed under the GNU Public License.

Users can perform actions such as killing, suspending and submitting new jobs to the cluster. Administrators can perform administrative tasks such as closing and opening hosts or queues. All actions can be done both via the web interface or programatically.

In addition to the web interface, there is a python library (olwclient) that can interact with the remote server and some example command line tools that demonstrate the remote job management capabilities, and a Javascript library that can be used to get embed information from the scheduler into third party web applications.



You can view the online demo here. Please note, you will need to accept the self-signed certificate.

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